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Bienvenue à LeLo Mag,

une nouvelle section dédiée à vos projets en langue grecque.

Êtes-vous un conteur?
Do you like writing about things?

Be our author and see your article published!

Nous sommes heureux de vous inviter à contribuer au tout nouveau blog Lexi-Logos. Come and share your stories and articles with us and the community of Lexi-Logos center.

Everyone is welcome for blogging with Lexi-Logos and sharing stories about their personal experiences, ideas, adventures, tips and tricks, projects, everyday life. From our side, we will be excited to publish your articles. Posts may refer to history, art, culture, fiction, urban lifestyle, gastronomy, literature, cinema, fashion, or simply tout ce que vous aimez!

We also like to invite you to comment. Feel free to add your personal statements and opinions.

In addition, selected articles from the blog will be published also in the annual issue of Lexi-Logos newspaper, Μία λέξη για ένα λόγο.

Avez-vous un sujet ou une idée pour votre contribution au blog?
Send it right away at

Engageons-nous dans un dialogue ouvert et passionnant!





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  1. An excellent idea that will make Lexi-Logos Magazine even more colorful !

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