Greek Art A-Z

For Art Enthusiasts

Art Historian Anna Chassanakou offers an inspiring tour to Modern and Contemporary Greek art.

She introduces us to the element of hellenity as well as explores the diverse influences in the Greek art production. For Art enthusiasts this course is an amazing experience including lectures and guest artists, as well as gallery and museum walks, and studio visits.

Language of Conduction: English, Greek

Every Friday 17.30-19.00

All Workshops Begin November, 5 2019
Participation Fee: 15 Euros/Class
Registration And Info: Info@Lexi-Logos.Gr
Tel.: (+30) 210 33.11.602, (+30) 69 76 67 33 953
3 Kapnikareas Sq. 6th Floor (Near Syntagma οr Monastiraki Metro Station)
Athens Downtown 105 63 – Greece



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