Educational tours

Educational tours
Kythera landscape castle

Lexi-Logos Summer Seminar 2021 in ΚΥΘΗΡΑ

Greek language seminar: Intermediate & advanced levels Discover our new summer seminar in Kythera with Lexi-Logos! Kythera is an island of myths and legends, has been from the dawn of…

Lexi-Logos Greek language center site decoration image

Pelion workshop in Greek language

PELION is a unique blend of nature and culture in dramatic scenery you are welcome to join us! Its pure nature makes Mount Pelion a popular destination for hiking lovers and weekend mountain climbers.

Είσοδος Πύργου Βασιλίσσης

Visit to the Queen’s tower

A guided tour to the most unique monuments of Athens’ modern cultural heritage, including visit to Queen’s Amalia tower, vineyards, gardens, stables, olive grove, and activities like wine testing, horse riding and more…





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